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This tweetmap displays all twitter communication on nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament in realtime

We display the last 1000 tweets tracked, when you visit this site.
New tweets will appear as they are posted on twitter in realtime.


Red dots signify tweets, blue dots retweets.
The lines between dots display the communication network between two users in the displayed data sample (e.g. user mentions other user in his tweet).


We are currently tracking these terms, entities and hashtags

#goodbyenukes, @icanaustria, @nuclearban, #nuclearban, #HINW14vienna, #HumanitarianPledge, #OEWG, ican_australia, ICAN_SEE_, SCRAPweapons, weaselstates, ICAN_France, ICAN_UK, ICAN_Norge, ican_de, icanw, ICANWFA, ICAN_Romania, ican_australia, ICAN_Romania, ICANTurkiye, NuclearZero, NoNukesCampaign, CTBT, ctbto_alerts, TridentHastoGoNow, NukewatchUK, NuclearWeapons, DontBankontheBomb, atomwaffenfrei, الأسلحة النووية, BANg_Austria, BANgeneration, globalzero, ScrapTrident, TridentPlough, unoda, NPT, nuclear weapons, nuclear weapon, nuclear bomb, nuclear bombs, nuclear disarmament, ICANW-FA, nuclearfreede, SinNucleares, RCW_, VCDNP, NPT Review, WardHayesWilson, CDNUK, ScottishCDN, thecourageto, letstalknukes, No Proliferación Nuclear, سلاح_نووي, سلاح_نووى, arme nucléaire, armes nucléaires, Hiroshima Nagasaki, arma nuclear, nuclear armas, kernwapens, ydinaseita, armas nucleares, bombas nucleares, bomba nuclear, bombas atómicas, bomba atómica, 核武器, 核武器, 核武, Ядерное оружие, 核兵器, परमाणु बम, Kjernefysiske våpen, atomvåpen, kärnvapen, nükleer silahlar, senjata nuklir, आणविक हतियार, armi nucleari, nuclear strike, hydrogen bomb, wasserstoffbombe, wasserstoff bombe, H-Bomb, h-bombe, bomba atomica, Kernwapen, Kernwape, kernbom, atoombom, atoomwapen, Broń jądrowa, Wildfire_v, WMDAwareness, Non-Proliferation Treaty, WilbertNukes, weaselstates, CNDUk, classe Le Triomphant, kernwaffe, kernwaffen, nuklear sprengkopf, nukleare sprengköpfe, nuklearsprengköpfe, nuclear warhead, nuclear warheads, nuklearbombe, nuklearbomben, NPTtv, PaxChristi_Int, globalhibakusha, Article36, IPPNWS, atomic bomb, atomic bombs, atom bomb, atom bombs, atombomb, atombombe, atombomben, nuklearwaffen, nuclear arsenal, nuclear capabilities, weasel state, nuclear bomber, nuclear missile, nuclear test, nuclear weapon test, atom bomb test, atombombentest, atombomben test, nuclear ban, nuclear explosion, 核兵器, 原爆, 原子爆弾, 核軍縮, อาวุธนิวเคลียร์, נשק גרעיני, יאָדער וועפּאַנז, परमाणु हथियारों, 핵무기, อาวุธนิวเคลียร์, سلاح های هسته ای, ядерну зброю, broń jądrowa


A tweet's geolocation is ascertained by geocoding the tweet's profile location or by using the tweet's appended location data. This information might not always be correct (e.g. user has entered "ponyland" as his/her location). Tweets, that cannot be geographically located, are currently not promoted to this site. Colloquial usage of one of the tracked terms might result in unexpected posts being displayed on this site.

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